Services MUST list environment variables that may be used to perform any actions the service exposes. They are provided when the service starts.


    type: string
    pattern: "^key_"
    required: true
    help: |
      Description of how the user should produce this variable

Environment variables are case insensitive to the end-user. They are provided to the service in upper case. For example, if the user defines access_TOKEN=abc, the service will get ACCESS_TOKEN=abc.

Each environment variable under environment may have the following information about it:

typeRequired. The data type for this environment variable. It must be one of int, float, string, boolean
patternValidations for strings in a regular expression format
requiredWhether this variable is required or not. Default is false
defaultOptional default value for this environment variable. This value will be used if this variable wasn't provided to the service. Default values can't be set if this variable is set as required
deprecatedOptional deprecation message if this environment variable is deprecated
sensitiveSet this to true if the environment variable is considered secret/private to inform the platform to encrypt the variable. Default is false
helpDescription of how the user can produce this variable or details on why they need to provide it