When ran in a directory of a microservice (a directory containing a oms.yml), validation will be ran against that file.

The validate command can very helpful when creating a new OMS-compliant microservice, or instrumenting an existing service.

Command Line Interface

Usage: validate [options]

Validate the structure of a `oms.yml` in the current directory

  -j --json    Formats output to JSON
  -s --silent  Only feedback is the status exit code
  -h, --help   output usage information

Example Usage

When inside a directory containing an oms.yml, you can test the validity of that microservice definition by entering the following code into the terminal:

oms validate

The following output appears for a valid oms.yml:

No errors

And an error similar to the following output appears when the oms.yml is invalid:

actions.add.arguments.x should have required property 'type'