When ran in a directory containing an oms.yml, the command subscribes to an event defined by the microservice.

Command Line Interface

Usage: subscribe [options] <action> <event>

Subscribe to an event defined in your `oms.yml`. Must be ran in a directory with a `Dockerfile` and a `oms.yml`

  -a --args <a>  Arguments to be passed to the event, must be of the form `key="val"` (default: [])
  -e --envs <e>  Environment variables to be passed to run environment, must be of the form `key="val"` (default: [])
  -r --raw       All logging is suppressed expect for the output of the action.
  -h, --help     output usage information


-a --args <a>

Arguments to be passed to the event, must be of the form key="val". To pass arguments to an event, use the following command:

oms subscribe bot hears \
  -a channel='#general' \
  -a pattern='Knock, knock'
-e --envs <e>

Environment variables can be passed to a service as follows: -e FOO='bar'. For example:

oms subscribe bot hears \
  -e BOT_TOKEN='xoxb-****' \
  -e API_KEY='xoxb-****'

⚠ Notice

If a required environment variable is not supplied run will fail.

Example Usage

When inside a directory containing an oms.yml and a Dockerfile, you can use the subscribe command to listen for events exposed by the microservice. The following output appears for the OMS-compliant GitHub service:

oms subscribe bot hears \
  -a channel='#general' \
  -a pattern='Knock, knock'

And the following output will appear:

ℹ Building Docker image
Step 1/5 : FROM        python:3.7-alpine
---> b11d2a09763f
Step 2/5 : COPY        app/ /app
---> 418fe4ba0996
Step 3/5 : ADD         requirements.txt /app
---> 44d7dd2bf3ce
Step 4/5 : RUN         pip install -r /app/requirements.txt
---> Running in e1aa55926334
Removing intermediate container e1aa55926334
---> 1827ba542263
Step 5/5 : ENTRYPOINT  ["python", "/app/"]
---> Running in 8bbffa068154
Removing intermediate container 8bbffa068154
---> 2723aabfae16
Successfully built 2723aabfae16
Successfully tagged oms/l1vzzxjzl21hdhrozxdodwrzb24vu3rvcnlzy3jpchqvb21zlxnlcnzpy2vzl3nsywnr:latest
✔ Built Docker image with name: oms/l1vzzxjzl21hdhrozxdodwrzb24vu3rvcnlzy3jpchqvb21zlxnlcnzpy2vzl3nsywnr
✔ Started Docker container: 3ab04cfd6111
⠹ Executing default health check